Triad Truck Equipment

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Beau-Roc Inc. is the leading premium steel dump body manufacturer and has been building cutting edge designs since 1984. Beau-Roc manufactures a wide variety of dump bodies ranging from our one-ton Ultra body to our Extreme Heavy Duty Hurricane/Clean-Up body, and everything in between.


R/S-Godwin Truck Body Company began in 1968 as a small local job shop catering to the Eastern Kentucky coal industry. Since moving to its current 150,000 square foot facility in 1998, R/S has flourished by providing excellent customer service and innovative products that cater to the needs of the industry.


Henderson Products, Inc. has earned a national reputation as a customer oriented company, manufacturing a broad range of high quality truck equipment products for the municipal and contractor markets.As a custom manufacturer, we have the ability to meet nearly any spec or requirement our customers may have.

Our Suppliers